A free seat on the morning train is a good thing. So is mobile phone reception in rural Germany. Or the first waiting number at the citizens‘ registration office. Everyone knows that, though; you don’t have to do any communication for that.

But what about cities which want to see more people and fewer cars on their streets? Backpacks that strengthen children’s backs? Ice cream parlours that melt their carbon footprint with recipes and personal commitment? We create campaigns. Online and offline. Strategically and creatively. Always during the day and rarely during the night. With a lot of heart and of no less wit.

With brain and increasingly less hair. With team and play. With success and success. For both money and love. And always for happy clients. Because making a good client happy is always a darn good cause.



We are a full-service communication agency. We are lean, fast and professional. We develop big campaign concepts. We find small, budget-fitting communication solutions if needed. We execute films, print and online strategies and content as well as guerrilla promotions. We we are well experienced with brands, governmental and non-governmental clients and we have a spike in sustainability topics of all kinds.

Tinkerbelle GmbH
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10961 Berlin

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